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Purple Epoxy

What's NeW!?

This Website!

As you are, by now, fully aware we now have our own website! If you notice any issues or room for improvement, please dont hesitate to get in touch and let us know!

Website LBR

3D Oral Scanner!

We now have a top of the range oral scanner that is used to replace physical impressions for work such as dentures, crowns, implants and bridges.

3Shape Logo

CBCT Scanner Incoming!

We are soon to have our very own CBCT scanner. This means we will no longer need to refer patients here, there and everywhere for scans! 


Waiting Room Entertainment!

We now have a television in the waiting room that cycles through many relaxing/funny/informative videos to pass the time whilst you are waiting for your appointment. Not that our clinicians will ever make you wait! 

atmosphere TV logo

Online Bookings!

We are currently working to make online bookings available for certain types of appointments. This will hopefully streamline your experience and make finding an emergency appointment a lot easier! Some elements are still not working currently, soon everything will be up and running!

Online booking LBR
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