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What is an Emergency?

Definition ~ a serious and often unexpected situation requiring immediate action.

We are now offering emergency dental appointments on a private basis to patients who are either not registered under NHS or cannot wait for an emergency NHS appointment.

When you call the practice we will breifly triage your concerns. To be considered as an emergency you must be displaying one or more of the following symptoms :

  • A large amount of pain that painkillers does not help with.

  • Loss of sleep due to pain or symptoms.

  • A swelling, abcess or signs of infection.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of an emergency appointment is £75. This is taken upon booking the appointment is made and a further cost may be required for further treatment. The initial £75 payment will cover an assessment of the problem, X-rays taken at the appointment and a prescription if this is necessary. Further treatment will be charged accordingly. (Use our fees page for a guide on general treatment costs).

The purpose of this appintment is to asess and potentially relieve any pain you may have, either in the short term through a course of antibiotics or by building a treatment plan going forward to permanently resolve your issue.

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