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        Practice        Policies & Procedures

Here you can find all relevant practice policies and procedures. We endeavour to follow these at all times to help provide the best and safest dental journey to all of our patients.

At Loddon Bridge Road Dental Practice we aim to uphold the standards set out by the GDC (General Dental Council) at all times. For information on these standards and principles please click here.

For more information on basic policies and procedures in the dental practice please feel free to viit the British Dental Association website.

This policy regards to booking and cancelling appointments. It covers how to retain your registration with us and any reasons we may be forced to suspend or remove your registration.

Our Chaperone policy

Our policy relating to the safe treatment of children and our safeguarding obligations

Our policy relating to how and when we may use restraint plus information on alternative services.

Our policy and overview on what we do to prevent infection and cross contamination to keep all persons inside the practice safe from harm

Our policy regarding to providing fair access to all patients.

Our policy relating to keeping the practice clean, tidy and disinfected

Our policy relating to keeping our staff and patients not just physically healthy but also caring for the mental and emotional well being.

Our polucy regarding to our constant desire to treat all persons in the practice from patients to staff equally and with the utmost respect

Our policy relating to the rules and regualtions we follow to ensure proper, informed consent is always attained.

A document that highlights our moral and legal duty to ensure we provide the very best quality sevice to our ptients

Our policy highlighting the regulations we follow to ensure our equipment is well maintained and of safe working order

an overview of how we handle and dispose of various clinical and non clinical waste items

An overview of the rules and regulations we follow to ensure that all X-Rays and radiography equipment is safely used and maintained

A brief policy regarding how we handle complaints. For further guidance on taking a complaint higher please contact the practice manager.

Our policy and overview on how any information about patients is stored and secured to prevent any data protection concerns. Also contains information regarding opting out of data sharing.

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety risk Asessement

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